2016 December 8 17:15
50 min
Eiffel (Iéna) [fr/en/es]
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Public innovation


In 2015 the United Kingdom and French governments announced a new joint UK-France Data Taskforce to unlock the opportunities for collaboration between the two countries within the data economy. It was part of a joint commitment to continue to support an environment in which data driven innovation can flourish. The taskforce was lead by Henri Verdier, the Chief Data Officer of the French government and Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, Professor of Computer Science at Oxford and Open Data Institute co-founder.

On 13 July 2016, the United Kingdom and French Data Taskforce released their report Data Driven Growth: Innovation, Infrastructure, Skills and Empowerment in the Digital Age. This session will explore the Report’s 11 recommendations and how they might be adapted for more countries beyond the UK and France, including as part of the Open Government Partnership. The panel will review and assess the progress the French and United Kingdom governments have made to implement the recommendations, and how they can be extended to other countries.

Panel Participants: Henri Verdier, Sir Nigel Shadbolt, a member from the Open Data Institute, a member from French Tech (TBC). Facilitator: a member from the ODI

The session will be opened by the facilitator who will provide context and background around the environment that the report was written in, following this Panel members will be invited to provide thoughts on the following:

  • Rationale behind the recommendations
  • What steps have been taken within France and the UK to implement the recommendations
  • How the political environments in the UK and France (post EU referendum, particularly) have changed since the report has been written, and impact that may have
  • How can the recommendations be implemented across other countries
  • What does the digital economy of the future look like