2016 December 8 18:15
15 min
Pitch corner (Iéna)
Open data and Open resources


I intend to use the opportunity of the program to detail out how difficult it has been measuring job creation initiatives in Nigeria as relevant data that will aid the measuring and progress tracking is often held in utmost secrecy.

Several job creation initiatives has been launched in the last five years, with several tens of billions spent already and hundreds of billions set aside for other on-going initiatives. Government haven failed to account for the progress made from the initiatives has also held unto relevant data that will aid civil society organizations in measuring progress made by the initiatives.

We intend to use the event to draw the worlds attention to the fact that the Nigerian Government is yet to embrace open government/ data.

The event will seek to highlight the difficulties faced by my organization and others in accessing data relating to job creation initiatives in Nigeria. We will be using inforgraphic to show the common trends in writing for request for information and the time frames between when first responses are received and the common information denial trends.

We will also show the number of government organisations we have had to threaten with legal actions before any response was availed us, the nature of the responses received and the shortcomings in the data often released by the government organisations.

We will also do a comparative analysis presentation on how various powerful agencies of government often resort to legal actions to stall requests within the ambit of the laws as found in the FOI ACT.

I shall be leading the presentation and will solicit help from volunteers to help with the slides and other aspects of the presentation.

Moderation shall be via a panel that will take responses and direct them to me.


by celestine
from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Advocacy and Support Initiative

Okeke Celestine presently is the Lead Partner, MSME-ASI (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Advocacy and Support Initiative), a non-profit organisation with strict focus in helping MSMEs sustain and strengthen their enterprises, working with local communities across various states to identify business models most suitable in their various rural communities. I structured and presently working with Network of Persons living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (NEPWHAN) on delivering a project that will enable its members receive small grants for the purposes of starting and or managing small scale business enterprises across twelve (12) states in Nigeria, the project is expected to be supported and funded by UNAIDS. I am also working with NEPWHAN on an Income generation activity project funded by National Agency for Control of AIDS (NACA), we will be designing business models with high potentials of sustainability, profitability and replication across two (2) select states in the coming months.


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